Healthy, tasty, versatile, sustainable, preservative free, gluten free, banting friendly and offering great value, with so many adjectives why wouldn’t you have this superfood in your sights, on your menu or in your mouth right now? You shouldn’t be intimated by our local mussels, we know they are big, but they are very approachable!

We’ve created some delicious recipes to show you just how easy it is to cook with our mussels. Have a look (#CheckOurMussels), try them out and come back regularly to see our latest recipes. You can also share your own recipes with us on social media with #theBOM

Quick Tip: In our recipes you can replace live / fresh / full-shell mussels with local frozen half-shell mussels in a two to one ratio, i.e. 2000g live mussels with 800g – 1000g local frozen half-shell mussels (and the other way around). Frozen mussels have been blanched so require less cooking time, so add them later to recipes to prevent overcooking.

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