Our Products

We offer live mussels – harvested and distributed daily – as well as a variety of frozen mussel products and sizes to suite every culinary need.

All our live mussels are branded to ensure traceability and distributed nationally by land and air through a well-developed logistics network that includes some of South Africa’s best food distributors, restaurants and fish shops (as well as our online shop).

We’re also the preferred private label supplier of local mussel products to South Africa’s largest food retailers and distributors and our ever expanding frozen product range is available under the Blue Ocean Mussels brand name.

If you’re looking for premium local West-coast mussels, ask for Blue Ocean Mussels by name. Contact us if you’d like to purchase mussels, require more information or if you’re struggling to find our products.


Whole Shell Mussels


Frozen (Blanched and IQF)



Half Shell Mussels

Frozen Plain (Blanched and IQF)

Frozen Crumbed Garlic (Blanched and IQF)

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Mussel Meat

Frozen A-grade Meat (Blanched and IQF)

Frozen Catering Meat (Blanched and IQF)