Saldanha Bay is home to Blue Ocean Mussels, South Africa’s premium mussel farming operation known to many as simply “the BOM” – thanks to our reputation for providing a quality product and service.

But we can’t take all the credit. Our location is paramount to our product’s excellence, plump, juicy and slightly sweet taste. The unpolluted, pristine seawater in Saldanha Bay is perfect for mussel farming, because the windy West Coast conditions create upwelling currents that support the fresh, clean, cold and nutrient-rich water. This makes it perfect for growing some of the best mussels in world (while maybe not so much for swimming).

How it all began

The farming of mussels in South Africa was started over 30 years ago by a company that is now known as Blue Ocean Mussels. Saldanha Bay was the obvious choice for the initial research phase since it is a protected deep water area that offers good seawater circulation of nutrient rich water. As a pioneer in the industry, we’re responsible for creating around 200 permanent jobs in the West-coast through our farm in Saldanha Bay and factory in Velddrif.

By simply buying local mussel products, adding it on menus or consuming it at home, people are supporting a local industry, assisting in its growth and helping to stimulate the South African economy. Besides that, local mussels are far superior in taste, size and quality compared to imported products, you won’t find it or be able to fit it inside a cocktail can.

blue ocean mussels half-shell

Our Business Philosophy


To establish Blue Ocean Mussels as the preferred supplier of quality South African black mussel products.

We aim to add value to the aquaculture industry and be a sustainable leader in the development and production of healthy, high quality and innovative products in the black mussel industry. We earn the respect and loyalty of customers through consistency and product excellence, and by focusing on customer service. We care for the environment and we strive to uplift the community and build a prosperous workforce.


Gratitude – We acknowledge and show appreciation
Respect – From and on all levels
Integrity – Responsibility, Accountability and Trust
Initiative – We all take ownership for the success of the company
Teamwork – We work hard for one another

blue ocean mussels sustainability

Blue Ocean Mussels has a passion to produce top quality mussel products. It is our objective to set stakeholders’ prosperity as a primary objective, to employ, source and retain dynamic, competent people who are committed to excellence and teamwork, and to acknowledge the environment and broader community as key aspects to long term sustainable success. We adhere to three main sustainability pillars: Environmental, Economic and Social to build a sustainable business that provides long-term employment to all of its employees and assists in further developing and growing the industry.

Blue Ocean Mussels is part of the TerraSan Group. TerraSan is a South African investment company which holds investments in the pelagic fishing, mariculture, aquaculture and property industries. Since its inception, the original underlying founding aim has been in adding value to Southern Africa’s marine resources as well as participating in sustainable development projects by investing in productive assets.

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Enterprise Development: Imbaza Mussels

Through the Imbaza Mussel Farming Empowerment Project, Blue Ocean Mussels has helped with the intensive training and mentoring of the first six black-empowered mussel farmers in South Africa – offering ongoing support services and management advice. This initiative, along with the employment opportunities in the factory and at sea, has created permanent jobs for the coastal community and ensured a better quality of life for their families.

Imbaza was the first fully-commercial, black-owned mussel farm in South Africa. Within the first few years, Imbaza’s production increased to 600 ton with an ultimate farm size of 1200 ton and what started as an Enterprise Development project for Blue Ocean Mussels, holds the title of one the largest Aquaculture farms in South Africa by volume.

imbaza mussel processing